UMR-Design AS-323 Skull Airbrushstencil Step by Step Size L

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Size:Large Used to spray the Motive easy and fast on plane and concave/convex Undergrounds. The Steps get sprayed one after one to bring you the whole Motive – in full colorscale with shadow- and highlighteffects. Comes with instructions containing a small description. The Stencils are lasercuttet to special plastic Sheets. The Stencil is made out of transparent aprox. 200my thick foil, wich is solvent resistant and flexible. The foil is NOT self-adhesive, but you can use non-permament adhesive-spray if you wish. Use the adhesive-spray if you have a slightly concave/convex Underground, then every part of the Stencils sticks to the underground while you spray. Test your underground beforehand if it’s compatible with your adhesive-spray. The Stencil last a very long time if cleaned properly. Clean the Stencils with a soft paintbrush, if you use waterbased colors, use warm Water to clean it right after spraying. If you have solventbased colors, use thinner or brush cleaner. Do not let the Stencil float too long / over night in solvent, thinner or brush cleaner! – else the Stencil may warp.



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