UART 500 Archival Sanded Pastel Paper- Ten 18×24 Inch Sheets

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UART Archival Sanded Pastel PaperIf you were a fan of Ersta paper you will absolutely love UART! Many pastelists loved the surface of Ersta so much that they were willing to overlook the fact that it was non-archival. UART is the modern successor to Ersta- it is the same grit applied to a neutral pH archival backing paper. Best of all UART is available in four grits; from course to fine. As the numbers go up the paper surface gets finer- so 400 is the most coarse 500 has slightly less tooth but will still take many layers of pastel 600 is very fine grit and will hold finer detail and 800 is extra fine. Of course the finer grits will not hold as many layers as the course grits- but the 800 will hold very fine detail and will not eat up pastel as fast as the 400. UART truly offers a surface to suit every pastelist! The color of all UART sheets is a warm pale Naples Yellow; as shown in the photos.



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