True Confessions 2016 Magazines 11 Months January to December (Missing May)

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2014 True Confessions Magazines 12 months January to December. True Confessions is the world’s largest and best-selling women’s romance magazines. They offer true-to-life stories of triumph that women relate to. Here is a full year, 12 months of all the special stories that only True Confessions can give you. Stories about people from all walks of life, these magazines are a doorway for readers. The magazine serve as an escape from the reader’s daily grind, and offers a peek inside the lives of others by sharing uplifting and inspirational slices of reality. True Confessions, established in 1922, is a women’s magazine featuring true-to-life stories about working class women and their families. The stories are in first-person and generally deal with family problems, relationship issues, romances, single moms, abuse, and any other realistic issue women face in our society. Whether they are true or barely believable, these stories will definitely evoke some sort of emotion, be it happiness or sadness, and in the end there will almost always be a lesson learned!



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