Tim Holtz Ranger Distress – DIY Do-It-Yourself Felt Pads, Microglaze and Refresher DIY Bundle

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Tim Holtz Distress It Yourself Ink Pad Create a custom blend using the DIY Distress Ink Pad and the Distress Re-inkers. The empty felt pad is the perfect tool for creating custom blends and ombre effects using your favorite Distress colors. Select 2-3 coordinating Distress Re-inkers and apply directly to the dry felt pad. The DIY Ink Pad can be easily indexed by inking the top label with a brayer or Ink Blending Tool. Tim Holtz Distress Micro Glaze 1oz Now there is a way to seal your Distress projects. The new Tim Holtz Distress Micro Glaze is the perfect water resistant sealer for craft projects. Micro Glaze is ideal for sealing Distress Ink, Markers, Stain, Paint & more. Easy to apply, Micro Glaze dries to a smudge resistant, waterproof finish. Perfect for use on paper crafting projects, watercolors and ink jet printing. Tim Holtz Distress Refresher 1.9oz Extend the life of your Distress products by using the Distress Refresher. It rehydrates and conditions dry Distress Ink pads, Markers and Paints. Simply spray ink pad, marker nib or dabber foam with Distress Refresher to keep your products hydrated. Works with other water-based ink and paint products as well. Craft Scraper Use this tool to work the concentrated Ink from Distress Re-inkers into the Tim Holtz Distress it Yourself Ink Pad. This tool also easily removes dried paint, glue, beeswax and other mediums from non-stick craft sheets and other flat surfaces. Also great as a texture tool for paint, clay or wax.



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