Swingline GBC Thermal Laminating Sheets / Pouches, Legal Size, 5 Mil, EZUse, 100-Count (3740473)

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Style:Legal Product Description Create stunning results with impeccably accurate EZUse Thermal Laminating Pouches. Documents remain bold with the UV protection, which prevents fading and discoloration. With alignment guides and mil icons directly on the pouch, you can eliminate unnecessary waste. Perfectly align your documents and easily select the best laminator setting. Arrows on the static-resistant pouch clearly indicate loading direction. The arrows, alignment guide and mil icon all disappear after lamination is complete for crystal clear viewing. Pouches are compatible with any thermal laminator, including the GBC Fusion 7000L and GBC HeatSeal H700, sold separately. The 5 mil thick pouches provide solid protection with limited flexibility. These 9′ x 14-1/2′ pouches are perfect for legal sized documents. Pack includes 100 pouches. From the Manufacturer Swingline GBC Fusion EZUse Laminating Pouches, Multiple Sizes and Thickness Available Specifically designed to make it simpler to prepare every item for laminating. View larger Easiest to use pouches in the marketplace Upgrade to EZUse thermal laminating pouches for faster, error free document lamination. A Fusion EZUse pouch includes 3 features that are specifically designed to make it easier to laminate. First, alignment guides on the pouch help you to perfectly center your item inside the pouch to get flawlessly even lamination borders. Secondly, a mil thickness icon identifies pouch thickness for proper laminator settings and quality finishing. Third, a directional arrow on the pouch serves as a helpful reminder to always insert the sealed edge first into your laminator to reduce misfeeds and jams. Almost magically, all 3 of these useful features disappear after laminating for picture-perfect and amazingly clear lamination results. Also with UV protection to prevent documents from fading or yellowing over time, your laminated documents preserved in a Fusion EZUse pouch will always display dynamic text and rich colors. EZUse thermal pouches can be used with any laminator, including Swingline GBC Fusion Laminators. Pouches are available in a various mil thickness, pack quantity and document sizes. Letter size Fusion EZUse pouches, in particular, come in both traditional and speed styles. The letter size speed pouches are sealed along the long side which enables them to run through a 12′ laminator faster than a standard pouch. Fusion EZUse pouches simplify the laminating process with three helpful features. Every pouch includes alignment guides for perfect centering, a mil thickness icon for easy identification of pouch thickness, and a directional arrow to indicate which way the pouch should be inserted into the machine. Choose the Swingline GBC Lamination Pouches That are Right for You Swingline GBC Fusion thermal laminating supplies vary in size, thickness and quantity to meet all your lamination needs. Select the pouch type that is the best fit for your home and office lamination projects. EZUse Pouches LongLife Pouches UltraClear Pouches Quality Best Better Good Special Feature Alignment guides, thickness icon,directional arrow, & UV protection UV protection Standard pouch Document Size Letter, Legal, Menu Business Card, ID Card,Luggage Tag, Photo All Mil Thickness 3, 5, 7, 10 mil 5, 10 mil 3, 5, 7, 10 mil Pack Quantity Varies Varies Varies EZUse Pouches–Lamination is easy with EZUse laminating pouches. Alignment guides ensure perfect centering. Mil icons allow easy identification of pouch thickness. Directional arrows guide loading in correct orientation to help avoid jams. All three features magically disappear after lamination. In addition, UV protection prevents fading and yellowing. These thermal pouches are available in multiple sizes, mil thickness and pack quantity. LongLife Pouches–LongLife thermal laminating pouches with ultraviolet protection keep your document from yellowing or fading over time. Laminated documents and photos look their best longer and these pouches provide standard clarity, protection and rigidity. Multiple sizes, mil thickness and pack quantity available. UltraClear Pouches–UltraClear thermal laminating pouches provide a clean and crisp look for professional results. Brilliant clarity shows off the details of text and colors in images. Available in multiple sizes, mil thickness and pack quantity available. In letter size, speed pouches also available.



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