Storm Drain StencilNo Dumping Drains to Ocean | 3 inch Letters | 10 mil | Easy Marking of Indoor and Outdoor drains

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No Waste – Drains to Bay’ with the image of a fish, wetland creature or other marine life. (Stencils are also available for lake, stream, bay, groundwater, ocean or simply ‘protect your water’) Projects like this are ideal to create community awareness about underground piping areas that actually flow to streams, rivers, lakes, oceans or even public water supplies. A storm drain is usually a network of underground pipes designed to control flooding by transporting storm water from urban areas to a water body. A storm drain may also be known as a curb, gutter, channel, ditch, pipe or culvert. Many people assume that these drains or gutters flow into ‘treatment’ facilities. In reality, storm drains can flow directly into rivers, lakes, streams, sounds, or oceans. Stenciling messages next to storm drains is the best way to alert people that NOTHING should be dumped into these (storm) drains. Even if you’re not directly dumping anything into a storm drain non-point source., pollution can occur. Rainwater washes soil, street litter, oil, leaves, grass clippings, pet wastes and fertilizers into storm drains. Material flowing into storm drains does not get treated before emptying into streams, rivers, lakes and oceans. This untreated material can pollute the waterways in your community. Although individual storm drains may contribute small amounts of pollutants, the combination of many storm drains can cause a negative impact on water quality. Our material is very durable, will relax and lay flat. Simply clean and store for future use.



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