Silhouette Curio Digital Crafting Machine with Fabric Starter Kit Bundle

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Introducing the Silhouette Curio by the makers of the Cameo. This machine is more than a cutting tool. It can cut, emboss, sketch, stipple, etch and so much more! The Silhouette Curio is taking the crafting world by storm with its new features. The Curio machine’s new functions include stippling, etching, as well as three methods of embossing! You can now Path emboss, Score and Emboss, and Print and Emboss. The Silhouette Curio also has a dual carriage allowing you to emboss and perform other actions like sketching or cutting all at the same time! The Curio, now cuts thicker material. With the new deep cut blade, you can cut up to 2mm thick materials and with a 5 mm clearance you can also feed thicker material through the Curio machine. Every design in your Silhouette library can now be repurposed for embossing, stippling, and etching projects.



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