Punisher Hood Decal Original Car Graphycs Racing Car Sticker (Silver)

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Color:Silver Dear customer with you order you will get decal as pictured and application instructions. Size varies depends on design.For wall decals its usually from 22×22 ( for round and square designs) to 22×40 in. Size presented on the picture is for showing purpose only!!! A wall decal, also known as a wall sticker, wall tattoo, or wall vinyl, is a vinyl sticker that is affixed to a wall or other smooth surface for decoration and informational purposes. Wall decals are cut with vinyl cutting machines. Most decals use only one color, but some may have various images printed upon them. Vinyl decals have various uses. Vinyl decals were originally only used for sign making, but they have recently been added to interior decorators portfolios and have also become well known as a Do-It-Yourself home decorating option. Decals can be used on windows, walls or tiles as branding, advertising, or decoration.



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