Oregon Laminations Premium 10 Mil Letter size Hot Laminating Pouches 9 x 11-1/2 (Pack of 500) Clear

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Oregon Lamination Premium 9 x 11.5 inch Letter size thermal laminating pouches are top 15% high clarity world rated after adhesive is heat activated. The clear glossy finish protects and enhances colors. 10 mils thick per flap provide the thickest protection with maximum rigidity and works with most hot pouch laminators that have a temperature adjustment. 10 mil laminating pouches on 100# lb cover stock paper is the equivalent thickness of a standard credit card. These laminating pouches have small radius rounded corners for a professional finish. To leave a clear border of laminate around your sheet, we recommend no larger than 8.75 x 11.25 size paper to allow or the sealed edge and rounded corners. This size works nicely for 8.5 x 11 letter size sheets, menus, signs, notices and much more. Oregon Lamination Premium brand is among industry leaders in providing the best laminating supplies quality for a reasonable price. Our laminating pouches provide the lowest price with highest value for quality plastic laminating supplies with heat activated adhesive compatible in all thermal pouch laminators capable of sealing 10 mil 9 x 11.5 laminating pouches. Oregon Lamination Premium laminating pouches have not been setting on the shelf for years. This means the adhesive may melt faster, which means possible faster running times or somewhat lower temperatures may be used. Oregon Lamination laminating supplies are manufactured to stringent specifications designated by actual users of the product to achieve the best clarity with the least defects. LAMINATING TIPS: Industry specification for 10 mil laminating pouches is 10 mil on each flap for a total of 20 mils.Note: All laminating pouches are NOT the same, especially in clarity and bonding. Insist on authentic Oregon Lamination trademarked laminating pouches bearing our purple and white label. Accept nothing less than the best value available.



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