Meyer Imports Natural Mica – Brown – Natural Tan – 4 oz – #311-4010

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Size:4 oz Bulk Mica Flitter Flakes in Honey Gold / Light Brown Color These mica flakes are much lighter than glass glitter, and will range in size, with most flakes being 1/4′ to 1/2′ in size. This Mica is so soft, it’s hard to believe this is a naturally occurring piece of stone. This mica is flaked, sorted, and color balanced directly for Meyer Imports. Because it is a natural product, with limited processing, the flake sizes and color will have slight variations within a package. Our Mica and Flitter really spans a wild range of product types and materials. Our mica are really stone, flaked thin and colored through a multi-step process to give you a color that will not bleed or fade. Some of the micas are flaked so thinly, that they really have very little weight (meaning you get more volume of product for your purchase!) We source our Mica and Flitters from a wide variety or sources, from Germany, to India, to the USA and Asia.Meyer Imports is a direct importer of unique craft and art supplies from Europe, including German Glass Glitter, Deco Beads, Mica and Vintage Miniatures. Wholesale accounts are welcome.



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