GlueSticksDirect Gold Metallic Faux Wax Glue Sticks 7/16 X 4 5 lbs

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These are Super-Bond extra-strength adhesive glue sticks. Hot n Cool melt glue sticks work in Hot Melt and Cool Melt glue guns. Approximate 225 sticks in the 5 lb box. .Adhesive Specifications Hot n Cool Melt Super Bond hot melt adhesive to be applied in high and low temperature glue guns. Bonds to porous and non porous material. Specifications Softening Point: 178°F. (81°C.) Working Time: 40 seconds Viscosity / Centipoises: 5,500 @ 380°F. (193°C.) 12,000 @ 356°F. (180°C.) Color: Gold Metallic Shape: Round Pounds and sticks per case: 5 lbs/ approximate 225 sticks Temperature of Glue Gun: High and Low Temperature Faux Wax Glue Sticks (Faux is a French word for false or fake. Such as Faux Fur or Faux pearls) Faux wax mini sticks are 4” long and .28” (5/16” or 7mm) diameter, used in a low or dual temp Mini glue gun, Faux wax seals remain pliable, so they won’t crack like traditional wax seals, when they are mailed. With Faux wax glue sticks and a few minutes, you can create a beautiful faux wax seal with hot melt glue. So simple anyone can do it. We found a simple way to produce professional seals every time is to use a low temp mini glue gun, a metal stamp and an ice pack. Heat the glue gun for a few minutes, until up to temp. Rest the stamp on the ice pack to pre-cool. Insert the glue sticks, squeeze out a small amount about the size of a dime. Press the stamp into the glue and hold for 5-10 seconds. Remove the stamp and rest on the ice pack and start your next stamp. Please use a scrap piece of paper to practice with to get the timing and glue quantity correct for your seal. Thank you and enjoy your faux wax seals!



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