Crystal glue clear epoxy doming resin AB glue for DIY handmade Jewelry cellphone case shell label epoxy potting adhesive (280g)

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Size:280g Package list: A gluex1+B glue x 1(total 280g) and Gift toolkit x 1,Crystal drops of glue is also called the epoxy resin adhesive, generally DIY is the use of this work, the non-toxic glue, green environmental protection, harmless to human body, the baby can be at ease use.Crystal drops of glue is widely used, it can be used for crystal photos, goldfish, the stars or the Milky Way is to do following, jewelry, bracelets, rings, etc.,it also has strong practicability. In use process must pay attention to the items: 1. The proportion of harmonic note must accurate, B can be a bit more, but must not be less, less affect the curing time and hardness, and possibly won’t cure. 2. Be sure to stir evenly, especially the wall of the container, etc., at the bottom of the stirring when must reach the designated position, about 60 seconds.You can use glass rod, bamboo sticks, etc. 3. Stir well mixed, because can have air bubbles in the process of mixing, can rest for a few minutes (not too long, too long will solidify in the measuring cup), to use again. 4. When using crystal glue, pay attention not to stick on the hands, body, if appear such circumstance, can be a cloth or paper towel, etc of glue erase, first reoccupy clear water is rinsed soap detergent or alcohol. 5. This crystal to AB glue, epoxy glue is a flat hard rubber, after curing is similar to the glass, if you need to drop with a curved products, need to tap with a border or container, and after the glue mixture stirring evenly, more thick is used again.If you need high surface products, please select a mold to operation is completed. 6. Pay attention to the desktop must keep level product placement, as well as the products must be under mat formation of thick paper, prevent leak, the mat of thick paper, even if unexpected situation, leak out, also won’t stick on the table, so not clear.



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