Cat Girl Caroline BJD Dolls 1/4 SD Doll 45cm 18 Jointed Dolls Toy Gift Christams

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1/4 BJD Doll 45cm 18inch 18′ jointed dolls Girl Boy Toy Gift doll ( Free Eyes + Hair + Makeup + Clothes + Shoes ) DA002-01 Detail: Packing: Single Packing for standard doll– Pack with no Retail box, and the doll is curled up in the box about $59.99 Freeshipping. The doll wears hair and clothes. Height: 1/4 BJD Doll, about 45cm Body: joint movable, Most human actions can be imitated The accessories ( Clothes, Shoes, Hair, eyes) Can be replaced. Head: The head of the back of the head, can open the skull, replacing the eyes. ( You can open the skull, then use the hair dryer blowing the eye inside, such as hot melt, then remove the original eyes, and place a new pair of eyes) Note: * This doll is a mechanical joint, non elastic joint. The mechanical joint is more compact than elastic joint action, more stable. Baby can stand. * Note that the joints and the head can not be picked. * The body part is hard material, it is made in good quality. Accessories: the ‘standard doll’ contains : * the doll with eyes, makeup, hair; * the original clothes, socks, shoes, hairpins. * the beautiful gift card for the doll and the owner.



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